Re-using historical photos to assert a false conclusion

Voila_Capture 2016-02-04_05-13-01_PMTL;DR Summary

Re-using historical photos and asserting the photo shows something other than what the photo actually shows is extremely common on social media.

This propaganda method works because most people have no familiarity with the photos being used and, typical of propaganda, the claims being made “sound plausible”. For this particular topic, there is also the use of “virtue signaling” with the quote “Save a refugee. Save a life.”, therefore, the person who posted this is signaling that he or she is a good person of good character. And since the poster is a “good person”, the poster must be true!

The goal of this propaganda poster is to support the acceptance of those said to be refugees from the middle east and north Africa.

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These aren’t Syrians; they are Europeans trying to get to North Africa during the last world war…So, next time you think of closing borders you might want to check with your grandparents..”