Vague feel good, yet ineffective propaganda

11062072_1014973808560977_968505502786498277_nTL;DR Summary

  • This is referred to as a “glittering generality” that is vague but feels good.
  • Many posters feature bland, feel-good statements. They influence your gut level thinking but do not otherwise accomplish much.

This poster, from a conservative group, is not particularly effective. Noam Chomsky refers to these as distracting generalities that are meaningless, such as “Support our Troops!”. It feels good but its meaningless.

The poster’s design has good elements – a “veteran” looking the viewer in the eye and a simple message. But at best, this is “pre-propaganda” preparing for the viewer for later propaganda – there’s not an action item other than “LIKE”.

The poster says “Like if you agree!” where “Share if you agree” would imply broader distribution of the message. Of course, on Facebook, every time you click “Like”, your “Like” is posted to your timeline that your friend’s see, which is nearly the same as sharing.

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Like if you agree our veterans deserve better from their commander in chief!