Online advertisers manipulate your brain using Behavioral targeting

The more that online advertisers learn about you, the more effective their targeted propaganda becomes in urging you to take action. A study finds that when consumers know they are being targeted they become even more receptive to the propaganda messaging!

Here’s How Online Ads Are Screwing With Your Brain

Behavioral targeting” is a fancy word that advertising executives use to describe Google and Facebook acting kind of creepy. Essentially, computer algorithms notice what you’re searching for online and begin to infer from that what your interests might be. Then the algorithm delivers specific advertisements, more or less tailored toward your interests. The evidence suggests that it works astonishingly well—one 2010 study found that behavioral targeting enhances click-through rates by as much as 670 percent relative to conventional online ads.

Source: Here’s how online ads are screwing with your brain

Propaganda often works by targeting your interests and thoughts – carefully crafted and targeted propaganda messaging is more effective than non-targeted propaganda.

Since consumers become more receptive to targeted messaging when they know they are being targeted, what does this say about Facebook propaganda groups that people voluntarily “Like” or join? This implies that those who follow various social media pages – voluntarily – are even more susceptible to their propaganda messaging! Think of what this means to political and special interest lobbying propaganda groups on Facebook – it means they not only have millions of willing propaganda consumers, but these consumers are more readily manipulated than those not in their group.