Pilots silently demonstrate against “chemtrails” – HOAX

12524338_967644936646472_6231871499246265604_nTL;DR Summary

  • Shared into my FB stream today, purportedly showing that pilots are well aware of the dangers of alleged “chemtrails” but are not permitted to speak out, so they march silently in protest.
  • Photo was doctored from a photo of striking pilots carrying strike posters. You can see the original photo for yourself.
  • STOP! Stop sharing sharing stuff like this that makes the sharer look like a gullible fool.

Shared over 1000 times already:


This propaganda item uses a doctored photo (hence, a lie) to promote its agenda. It also tries to suggest that flight crews are “on the bandwagon” and you should join too.

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Top Secret!

They know!

However banned from Talking about it..!

That’s why the CHEMTRAIL PICS…

If they Do….they loose their jobs

[sic] should be lose but left it as the original