Why is the media ignoring “this”?

Why is the media ignoring “this”?

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The media is ignoring that Sanders has attracted someone’s estimate of 45,000 people to a rally in NYC.

Truth: The story is covered by MSNBC, NY Times, CNN and others.

Why spread the false statement that the media are ignoring this?

I see many posters making claims that X is happening and “the media is ignoring the story”, even though the media is, in fact, covering the story.

Why is this “the media is ignoring the story” claim prevalent?

Note that in this poster – “the media is completely ignoring it. SHARE to break the media’s Bernie black out!!” – is added to rile up emotions and get viewers to Like or Share (which on FB are equivalent).

Getting the viewer into an emotional state results in a viewer that is more receptive to propaganda messaging. In this case, the goal is to get viewers to share this poster with their friends.

Sharing (or Liking) has two effects: (1) it gets the poster more widely seen, (2) it may cause this meme to turn into a trending topic. This is a popular method used in social media propaganda posters.

And – its only 27,000 – which is a good number – not the inflated 45,000 figure. Who said it was 27,000 – Bernie Sanders himself said it was 27,000! Except this might not be true either.

Using inflated crowd figures is a very, very, very, very common technique of propagandists. Similarly, opponents like to estimate really low numbers. Since there is no good way to count the number of people in a huge crowd, pretty much any number can be spun in anyway desired – and the number will be spun.

The day after this Sanders rally occurred, the two Democratic party candidates did their best to spin the crowd size estimate with one saying the park service’s own estimate was for fewer than 10,000 people in attendance.

When you see crowd size estimates in propaganda messaging, you may be best off ignoring them. There are few crowd sizes that are estimated with anything close to accuracy – and each side will spin the numbers as fast as they can. I once attended a rally where the speaker began by thanking the “perhaps 12,000 people in attendance”. Others put the crowd size at between 2,000 and 5,000. As I was actually at that rally, I think the crowd size was likely close to 2,000. But the first speaker quickly spun the 12,000 figure in his first remarks because he knew the media was in attendance and he hoped they would lead their news reports with “Over 12,000 people came out to support….”

Quickly Located Set of News Reports on this Event


Live coverage by NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/live/bernie-sanders-washington-square-park/

Main NY Times news story (click on photo):

Bernie Sanders Rallies Greenwich Village With Spike Lee, Tim Robbins, Vampire Weekend





It’s also covered by The Guardian (UK) and the NYC Fox TV affiliate and dozens of others.

The reason Washington Square Park  is a chosen venue for Sanders is because of the young age distribution – support for Sanders falls off sharply among older voters. By holding a rally in this “young” demographic, Sanders can show a large crowd of supporters – specifically for the media that is ignoring him 🙂


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Happening NOW: 30,000 New Yorkers are showing love to Bernie Sanders tonight, but the media is completely ignoring it. SHARE to break the media’s Bernie black out!!

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