Social media “Mommy blogger” admits it is all fake

Social media “Mommy blogger” admits it is all fake

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A prominent “Mommy blogger” says the genre of “Mommy blogs” is fake – with nonsense content, stories of fake lives, fake happiness, and paid sponsorship for product reviews that are always about wonderful products. It’s all about propaganda messaging!!!

Her advice to all other mommy bloggers: ‘Just quit’

Source: Mommy Blogger Josi Denise Admits Articles Are Fake – Motto

She says these bloggers inflate their reader numbers by cheating and lying about their readership, by paying assistants to post links to her blog all over the Internet, and using social media to spread propaganda. With exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because exclamation points demonstrate your enthusiasm and high energy!!!

The other night I reviewed several Instagram pages, each by what most would say are attractive young people. The pages ranged from non-stop narcissistic self portraits to photos of exciting, active,  happy lives and activities. Some of the latter portrayals are genuine (I know the individuals) but some are little more than creating a public persona of boundless energy and happiness!

These are propaganda messages – intended to show friends or prospective future employers that the individual is exciting, healthy, active, happy, good looking and full of energy. In the social media world of today, all of us must market ourselves by creating potentially unrealistic online personas! (Do not forget to include the all important exclamation points!!!)

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