#OccupyDemocrats is giving propaganda a bad name

#OccupyDemocrats is giving propaganda a bad name

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Last year’s false claim about an overpass collapse is what prompted me to start this web site. Occupy Democrats is an online, for profit, social media publishing business – in their circles they are referred to as a “news service”. But they frequently make up stories and steal photos from professional photographers to use in their propaganda posters.

The business model is not unique to Occupy Democrats – the model works by spreading propaganda posters designed to emotionally hook their target audience. The target then shares the poster to their friends. Many posters include a link back to the Occupy Democrats web site for more details – where they sell advertising. This business model is used by left and right wing publishing businesses, and by others, such as those that target conspiracy theorists. They use posters cleverly designed to hook the emotions of their targets into sharing and viewing their advertising.

Millions of people voluntarily sign up to receive numerous propaganda posters from these organizations, every day (For more examples of Occupy propaganda poster silliness, please see these blog posts.)

Even though the claim on this poster is untrue, within about 5 days it had been shared 15,000 times and Liked 16,000 times – obviously proving something about PT Barnums’ quote about a fool being born every minute …

I just realized I never posted information about stolen photos before – I found Occupy Democrats took photos from web sites of individual photographers and proceeded to use them without permission. I tracked down the photographers who confirmed that OD was using their photos without permission; at least one, using lawyers, was able to make Occupy Democrats to remove the offending poster.

Another, who works for a small paper in Alaska, lacked the legal resources to force a take down in spite of her requests – that specific photo even features a small child abused by OD for political purposes. I will try to post the details on this in the future. Occupy Democrats has descended into a parody of online propaganda.

What started out as an amazing propaganda operation is now giving propagandists a black eye and making those who share these types of posters look silly.

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Yesterday this overpass in Oklahoma City collapsed onto an expressway.

Oh, and yesterday Oklahoma Republicans declared an “Emergency” to pass an anti-transgender bathroom bill. Another example of Republican’s twisted priorities.

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