Unknown conservative group creates fake poster to spread untrue meme

Unknown conservative group creates fake poster to spread untrue meme

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Photos are “re-purposed” all the time on social media. A photo of X is purported to be a photo of Y. We just posted another example of this a few days ago, where a 2003 photo of a USAF Thunderbird pilot ejection is passed along on social media as a photo of a recent USAF Thunderbird crash in June of 2016.

This technique combines a photo of Y, then asserts it is of X. This method is common in social media propaganda posters. Basically, it is a combination of assertion, lie and logical fallacy. As it relies on (usually) stealing a photo, the method is easy to implement. Pick a photo and assert it is actually something else, Creating propaganda on social media is incredibly easy!

Conservation Nation has just over 20,000 page likes on Facebook, making it a very tiny group – compare that to Occupy Democrats with nearly 3 million page likes/followers.

Much social media appropriately targeted the original, false poster, created by Conservative Nation, albeit, by making further assertions and spreading more propaganda of their own:


Because this propaganda item involved a statement from actor Bruce Coleman, some of the mainstream media reported on this specific example of fake social media propaganda. Unfortunately, they have ignored 99.999% of the social media propaganda that infiltrates our online perspectives every day. As far as propaganda items go, this is a run-of-the-mill, every day occurrence – there is nothing particularly special about this item. This goes on every day, many times every day, including by well known politicians other than Trump, and is routinely ignored.

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Here’s what happened to female Trump supporter when she met “peaceful” and “tolerant” liberals. – Conservation Nation

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