When media becomes propaganda, media consumers lose trust

Perhaps people are more aware of propaganda methods and prevalence than realized. Trust in mass media reaches an all time low.

Americans’ trust in the mass media has dropped sharply since last year to its lowest point since 1972. Republicans’ lack of faith in the media is chiefly behind this decline.

Source: Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low

The trend over time is true for all political persuasions despite the Gallup comment in the last sentence. Democrats went from a peak of 70% to 51%, Independents from a peak of 55% to 30%, and Republicans from a peak of 52% to 14%.

The loss of trust – over time – crosses age boundaries. Among the 18-49 year old group, trust fell from a peak of 55% to 26%.

Media news reporting is apparently seen as increasingly biased and irrelevant. Faced with competition from Internet hosted content and social media outlets, this does not bid well for the long term sustainability of mass media news.