Leaving out details to make a story more dramatic

14517523_913408235470624_6271785127124202065_nTL;DR Summary

  • Milwaukee police “accidentally” shot a 13 year old girl at an elementary school after she became “combative”.’
  • By placing the word “accidentally” in quotes, followed by the word “combative”, this propaganda poster sets the viewer up to believe the police intentionally shot a 13 year old “combative” girl.
  • The poster leaves out that the officer’s gun was in the holster and that the MPD weapons do not have holster safeties. This information negates the attempted spin on the story. A little more information here.
  • There are valid questions as to how and why the police officer’s weapon discharged while in its holster. That should not have happened.
  • The purpose of this post is to illustrate how selective information – and leaving out key information – can spin and shape the emotional response to a social media propaganda poster. Keep in mind – propaganda posters are not created to inform you but to persuade you to adopt someone else’s agenda.
  • The above poster appears to have originated with Counter Current News, on Facebook. Counter Current News is an online, social media based for-profit publishing business that target’s conspiracy theory enthusiasts. Many such businesses target political enthusiasts; Occupy Democrats is an online, social media for-profit publishing business that targets left wing political enthusiasts. There are many examples of these for profit publishing businesses that pull at the emotions of their target audience.
  • These types of businesses design propaganda posters to emotionally rile up their target audience, who then share the posters online. To learn more about each poster, viewers are encouraged to click a link to the publisher’s web site, where the full story is accompanied by advertising. This type of social media based publishing has become popular and is aimed at ideological enthusiasts.