“Leaving Social Media Could Save Your Sanity”

“Leaving Social Media Could Save Your Sanity”

Definitely a growing trend:

“I’ve been screaming my opinions at the world via the internet for a solid decade now. Back in college, I discovered LiveJournal, which I filled with movie reviews, shoddy political analysis, and snark (which I directed at other people on LiveJournal). Then Facebook opened up! And Twitter! And Instagram! And you could link them. I have now spent a solid decade getting positive reinforcement and criticism — at least someone cares! — from strangers online.

But this looks to be the year I have to stop.”

Source: Leaving Social Media Could Save Your Sanity

Social media has turned in the 1970’s “Citizen’s Band Radio” where anything goes. And the impact of all the shouting is causing people to become anxious and depressed.

The dominant activity on social media seems to be persuading others to adopt someone’s agenda. Whether its politics, environmentalism, political activism and rights groups, or online sales people trying to sell us stuff – someone is trying to persuade us to take an action.

Curtailing social media use is hard but it can be done – and the benefits are real.

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