Confirmed – Facebook has shadow banned this web site

Confirmed – Facebook has shadow banned this web site

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My Occupy Propaganda page on Facebook was shadow banned beginning about December 15th.

Read on for the update – and confirmation.

I have read their terms of service and nothing about this web site conflicts with their terms of service.

I did switch to using SMAAutoPublish to cross post items from this blog to the Occupy Propaganda page on Facebook. I do not remember the date that I made that switch. It is possible that FB concluded auto posts via SMAAutoPublish were “spam” (Although I have used it just fine on two other blogs and FB pages).

This is a test post for me to test some ideas about what has caused FB to ban this item.

Update on this – I confirmed that my posts were visible to me only, and invisible to all others. That is a shadow ban. Facebook shadow banned all of the posts that were posted automatically by this blog to the Facebook group page for this blog. I can continue to manually make posts to the Facebook group page, including linking to this blog. The shadow ban applies only the auto posts.

I use the same WordPress software and plug in on two other web sites, which auto post to their corresponding Facebook group pages, without any trouble. One of those web sites is about VR 3D and the other about The Internet of Things.

It is possible that Facebook’s anti-spam filters arbitrarily marked the posts as spam. The optics on this look awful for Facebook – is Facebook censoring critical analysis and discussion about the use of propaganda techniques on social media?

For the moment, yes. Powerful media use censorship as a form of propaganda – it is all about controlling the message that gets through to the “target”.

I  attempted to seek advice on Facebook’s help forums on how to proceed but there does not seem to be much one can do.

Are we entering a world where we must bow down to our Great Dear Leader, his Holiness Lord Zuckerburg? (Trying to make sure I treat him with the utmost respect, of course.)

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