Should you make political posts on Facebook? No, you should not.

Should you make political posts on Facebook? No, you should not.

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This is a MUST READ item – see the link below.

Should you share political posts?

The first question you should ask before sharing anything to social media, political posts in particular, is “Why?

“Why are you sharing this post? What do you hope to accomplish?”

We sometimes think that our Facebook shares are so brilliant, insightful, and righteous that people of opposing opinions can’t help but be swayed and won over by our argument.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Source: The Dangers of Being Too Political on Social Media

Truth is, no one cares what any of us think. Further, most political posts are virtue signalling (look at me! I agree with this!), change no one’s opinion, get others emotionally riled up, and may even make others angry and upset.

Most of us, presumably, do not voluntarily use social media to be made angry and upset each day, and to live an anxiety filled life.

As the linked article notes, there is a difference between sharing items without propagandizing the message, or sharing humor political items, or sharing thoughtful commentary pieces that make us think.  Versus telling others what to think with an arrogant attitude that “I’m right and your wrong” (see the linked article).

We can take charge by unfollowing and unfriending those who feel compelled to fill our news feed with angry political posts. And clicking “Hide” on such posts on Facebook (FB’s filters supposedly learn to give us less of such posts.)

I recently unfriended or unfollowed about 15% of my social media contacts because of their near daily rants on a variety of political ideologies. It is their right to post what they want; it is also our right not to listen and to avoid the emotional toll that such daily rants have on us.

I and many others learned that social media caused us emotional harm. Rather than abandon social media, I chose to put myself in control and to turn off the spigot of daily rants (and widely shared fake news) – and use social media for those activities that add positive value to my life.

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