Old News now: NY Times “large screw-up on climate change story”

The NY Times reported it had obtained a secret, suppressed government study on climate change that had not been made public … blah blah blah. Except it turned out that (a) the study draft had gone out for public comment in December 2016, and (b) the full draft was readily available in The Internet Archive since January. In other words, it was not secret and not suppressed.

The NY Times reporter has since said they were not familiar with The Internet Archive. To which I can only respond: WTF? Reporters do not know about the Internet Archive? What?

Source: Washington Post – the New York Times guilty of large screw-up on climate-change story

Fictional news stories are common, if not the norm. In an era of loudly alleged “fake news” stories, the media needs to clean up its act and move away from confirming the view that the media is mostly a fiction news service. Remember, emotional hooks like “secret” studies being “suppressed” make for great social media “shares”, even when its just a fiction story. Which makes fiction stories like this highly effective for propaganda messaging.

(I called this “old news now” because this story happened a week ago. I was busy and/or traveling and did not have time to post this until now.)

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