Propagandists find new way to reach Facebook users

Propagandists find new way to reach Facebook users

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Propagandists find new way to reach Facebook users:

Through an unknown mechanism, these junk sites are managing to get their content posted on verified celebrity Facebook pages and spread to millions of users who find themselves inundated with spam, fake news, ads, and tracking software.

Which then results in:

Facebook users who “liked’ the pages of celebrities with large followings are inundated with spam and fake news

Which is another illustration of how social media is a friction-less platform for the spread of propaganda. Indeed, the primary purpose of social media is propaganda messaging.

And then this – to which I add, Huh?

According to Matt Britton, chief executive officer of New York-based marketing technology firm CrowdTap, part of the race for readers’ attention is known as influencer marketing: a relatively new and largely unregulated area of digital advertising in which brands use celebrities or influential social media personalities to endorse products, thus encouraging fans to buy them.

“Influencer marketing” is old and in this example, it is the “celebrity endorsement” model of propaganda messaging.

Source: Misinfluencers, Inc.: How Fake News Is Reaching Millions Using Verified Facebook Accounts

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