Using fake likes, shares and comments to boost a social media presence

Using fake likes, shares and comments to boost a social media presence

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I received the following email message regarding one of my Youtube accounts

Hi There!

Your channel is too good. We strongly feel that your channel should be at the top in the search ranking. With little more push it can become still more popular. We can make it happen for you.

We provide a completely anonymous and discreet service that helps you gain real exposure and encourages viewers to like, comment and subscribe.

For more information, please get in touch with us at

Skype ID: xxxxxxxxx

View counts, Likes and Shares cause videos to “bubble up” and then be placed on recommended viewing lists. Consequently, Youtubers may seek out methods to up their ranking.

I’ve read that nearly all of the top channels on Youtube became top channels through viewer count manipulation fraud when Early Youtubers realized the best way to get seen was to have high viewer counts on their videos. In the early days, they could create a single page of HTML that loaded their video in a Youtube player, 100 times, and then refresh the page repeatedly, rapidly cycling their viewer counts sky high!

Videos with high or rapidly climbing view counts were then “recommended” to other viewers, causing the view counts to snow ball upwards.

Today, Youtube has anti-fraud mechanisms in place to try and stop this. However, per the email message, you can see that the system is still gamed.

Fake views, likes and shares also appear on other venues. Fake reviews are a serious problem on Amazon and other online shopping systems.


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