The problem with censoring speech is … who gets to be the censor?

The problem with censoring speech is … who gets to be the censor?

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Who gets to be the censor?

Crazily, Americans say they favor free speech and censorship!

… the survey also found Americans willing to censor, regulate, or punish a wide variety of speech and expression they personally find offensive:

  • 51% of staunch liberals say it’s “morally acceptable” to punch Nazis. 53% of Republicans favor stripping U.S. citizenship from people who burn the American flag.

  • 51% of Democrats support a law that requires Americans use transgender people’s preferred gender pronouns.

  • 65% of Republicans say NFL players should be fired if they refuse to stand for the anthem.

  • 58% of Democrats say employers should punish employees for offensive Facebook posts. 4

  • 7% of Republicans favor bans on building new mosques.

Source: Poll: 71% of Americans Say Political Correctness Has Silenced Discussions Society Needs to Have, 58% Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share | Cato @ Liberty

Read the whole thing. Americans think they – and college students – should engage in free speech – but simultaneously favor censorship of speakers they don’t like.

There is a way to censor speech you do not like – avoid it, do not listen to it, do not attend their talks, do not lend them support.

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