I was shadow banned by Oregonian censorship, a powerful form of propaganda

I was shadow banned by Oregonian censorship, a powerful form of propaganda

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Today, the Oregonian ran a story from the AP about the high costs of ACA insurance policies. I added two comments to the story. One of my comments appears online and the other is “shadow banned”.

When I am logged in to the Oregonian, I see this

When I am not logged in, I see only this which is presumably what everyone else sees as well. In other words, my comment is visible only to me but invisible to everyone else.

This was tested on both Windows and Mac OS X and multiple browsers.

The Oregonian shadow banned my comment, for unknown reasons. My comment presents actual price quotes from HealthCare.gov. This is public information and is non-controversial. Did factual information bother someone at the Oregonian?

A shadow ban is when a web site bans your content from being seen by others but allows you see to see your own content tricking you in to thinking your comment is online. A shadow ban hides the act of censorship from the content writer who is unaware they have been shadow banned – because they see their own comment.

This is a grotesque form of censorship by the Oregonian.

Censorship is one of the strongest forms of propaganda messaging.

Two can play that game as well – we will no longer be reading The Oregonian as their content can not be trusted when they engage in secret censorship of factual information. Facts and logic are powerful antidotes to propagandists – but only if they can cut through the media censors.

I am trying to get an answer from the Oregonian as to what is going on and will update this if they tell me.

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