The story behind the fake DPRK News Service Twitter account

The story behind the fake DPRK News Service Twitter account

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The DPRK News Service is one of the funniest Twitter accounts in existence as it hilariously makes fun of North Korea and a host of world leaders and events.
It’s run by 2 guys in the U.S. who launched it to share jokes between friends.
Not long after launching it, the U.S. media repeatedly cites them as an official North Korean news service.

“It feels like all online media outlets have prioritized being First rather than Right, like it’s some sort of Scoop Race. As mentioned before, a cursory Google search will reveal us instantly, or even a cursory look at other tweets should reveal some level of incredulity. I imagine when some poor journalist is banging out some listicle or whatever on the 10 Ways North Korea is a Horrific Nightmare of Human Rights Abuses, they’re not going to really question things if some twitter account with a sizeable follower count blurts out something that fits within the context of the article.”

Source: The Men Behind the Infamous Fake North Korean Twitter Account
Yesterday, reporter Michelle Kosinski, who has a history of making up news stories, re-tweeted a DPRK News Service tweet.

She is famous for her live report from a dangerous flood, while sitting in a canoe – in what embarrassingly turns out to be about six inches of water. A clear example of fake news reporting.
Watch this short news clip to see a professional journalist honestly reporting the news and protecting Democracy itself… not. When you see this, keep in mind how much “news” is just story telling – and wrap your mind around the role propagandists play in shaping the stories presented as “news”. Journalists should serve as propaganda firewalls protecting viewers and readers from the onslaught but many play along and act as propagandists themselves, promoting their own agendas.
After reading DPRK News Service hilarious parodies, try to read the news headlines without laughing! It’s hard!

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