Twitter "This Tweet is unavailable"

Twitter "This Tweet is unavailable"

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This morning I looked at Twitter and saw several shared tweets displaying “This Tweet is unavailable”.
Supposedly, this occurs when you have “muted” someone or if someone has “blocked” you. But that is an incomplete explanation.
One of the Tweets listed as “unavailable” is from a CNN Television anchor. The Tweet links to reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch regarding human rights issues in North Korea; Twitter has censored this Tweet.
I have not muted this individual nor has this famous person blocked me.
Instead, Twitter appears to be “shadow banning” content that Twitter does not like. In other words, Twitter is acting as an editorial director and censor:

A new theory has emerged online called the “Throttling theory”, and it describes how the social media site Twitter, censors your Tweets by convincing your followers that the Tweet doesn’t exist. The system is similar to Reddit’s “Shadow-ban” system. When you are shadow-banned on Reddit, everything still seems normal to you, and you can comment […]

Source: Here’s how Twitter is silently censoring you

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