Sad and scary danger for those who live their lives online-crazed fans

An obsessed viewer of a Youtube channel sought to kill a Youtube star. One Youtube star has already been killed by a sick fanatic.

I just went to track down a Youtuber who I discovered is no longer online. What happened? Weirdos began posting her home address, names of family members, pictures stolen from her private Facebook page – in an ugly hacker community web site. The Internet community seems to be filled with serious creeps.

Source: They shared their lives on YouTube. Then an obsessed fan came calling – with a gun – SFGate

A surprising number of people – almost always young couples living exciting or unusual lives – are making a living posting videos of their lifestyle online. Sadly, this activity has put some of them at risk of harm by sick fans.

This post is not about social media propaganda – but about one of the unfortunate side effects of some aspects of social media.

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