Society now requires us to be liked on social media?

Not only is a “strong social media presence” now a prerequisite for many, if not most, jobs, but companies have begun to look at your number of followers as both a measure of monetary value and a career determiner. And according to, employers actually consider people without Facebook suspicious. “If you boycott Instagram, you’re cutting yourself off from a lot of opportunities,” said Emily. “I started posting more selfies, despite being self conscious about it, because honestly—you get so many more ‘likes’ when you post a selfie. And you get so many more followers.”

Even Karimi admitted her social media absence is holding her back.

Source: “,,Why don’t I look like her?”,, How Instagram is ruining our self esteem

Many of us notice that popular social media personalities we  are recommended to follow appear to be mostly young and attractive. I went looking for commentary on that subject and ran into the above item.

Using social media presence and likes would appear to be a new form of potentially illegal job discrimination, particularly when it becomes a de facto proxy to preferentially hire young, healthy, good looking people.

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