Computational propaganda deployed in Mexico since 2012

Computational propaganda deployed in Mexico since 2012

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Mexico said to be early adopter of computational propaganda and other social media propaganda techniques:

The country’s high level of internet access and history of corruption make it a frequent testbed for digital manipulation techniques often later seen elsewhere.

Source: To See The Future Of Social Media Manipulation In Politics, Look To Me
When your hypothesis is that computational propaganda is a Russia-specific thing, its awkward to discover its widespread use in social media activities in Mexico since 2012.
Computational propaganda, as well as traditional propaganda methods, are widespread all over the world, by individuals, groups, organizations, academics, media and government agencies.
The root issue is the structure of social media platforms themselves.
One way to slow down viral propaganda meme networks would be to adopt an anti-spam proposal from 20 years ago – end free posting. 20 or so years ago, a proposal was put forth to stop email spam by charging a small fee for each message sent. May be it would just be a penny – but a fee structure would discourage the mass dissemination of propaganda so easily. Or at least make it only useful for billionaires which is what they would prefer.

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