Fake videos may become the next propaganda focus

The threat of fake news is about to get immeasurably worse. Start-ups and internet users are discovering ways to quickly create realistic video using artificial intelligence, which could make it hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction.

Source: Fake videos are on the rise. As they become more realistic, seeing shouldn’t always be believing

We are no where close to peak propaganda. In the near future, a smart phone app will digitally manipulate real people’s faces into fake video scenarios. Imagine a politician’s face incorporated into a fake prostitution video … or a pissed off student incorporating a school teacher’s image into a fake video grabbing a student’s butt … or a rogue police officer wanting to solve a crime by creating a fake video linking a suspect to a location .. it just goes on and on.

Imagine how fake stories and viral memes can (already are) used to exert control over others.

Now multiply that by a thousand times what we see today.

At some point, the only solution may be turn off all media.

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