Many now calling for regulation of social media platforms

Many now calling for regulation of social media platforms

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Whose responsibility is it to keep fake news and terrorism off social media?

Source: Governments are stepping in to regulate social media, but there may be a better way
Some call on government to regulate social media content, and some countries already do, particularly with regard to defining prohibited speech.
Some researchers say social media companies should actively moderate the content that appears on their web sites by themselves. This, in a way, is acting as a proxy for government desires.
The article notes a difference between traditional propaganda and social media propaganda:

At one time, misinformation could potentially be countered with, as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “more free speech.” The faster speed at which information travels on social media, however, changes that. The top 20 fake news reports on Facebook during the 2016 election had more engagement than the same number of stories from major media outlets, according to BuzzFeed News.


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