Propaganda is inherent in the platform

The spin on this article, like 99% of such articles, is that propaganda is primarily used by government and state-like organizations and actors. That isn’t true of course, but the article does recognize that the problem is inherent to the social media platform and business model itself:

The more people that use a platform designed to connect as many as users as possible — even if they spread propaganda or hate speech — the more successful it is. Tech companies also have a libertarian free speech model that decries censorship and, rightly, believes in freedom of speech

Source: Social Media Spreads Terrorism and Propaganda. Police It | Time

Amusingly, if not so frightening, Time Magazine calls for the government to censor online speech:

It is time for the government to draft clear legislation for what is impermissible on the great social media platforms of our age. Failure to comply must result in heavy fines and public censure.

I’m so old, I remember a few years ago when media organizations were vociferously opposed to censorship. Ahhh the good ‘ol days!

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