State of Oregon begins censoring historical re-enactments, largely due to social media propaganda efforts

Civil War re-enactment will relocate from Fort Stevens State Park after 27 years from The Daily Astorian

Fort Stevens is the site of an actual Civil War fortress, whose construction began in 1863 to protect the Columbia River from a feared attack by the Confederacy.

For 27 years, this fortress was the site of an annual (and very large) Civil War history and education program held every Labor Day weekend.

As the news report explains, Oregon State Parks is taking steps to end this annual event, including telling the non-profit organization that provides volunteer docents and workers, to discontinue supporting the public education and history event, and taking 5 months – rather than 2 weeks – to issue a permit – and then seeking  thousands of dollars in new fees.

Oregon State Parks already pushed Civil War re-enactments out of two other state parks.

Basically, this is state-sponsored censorship of history education. If you have not been to a historical re-enactment, then you are possibly not aware of what these events are about, how they are run, and the tremendous work they do in bringing history education to life.

This state-sponsored censorship comes about because of online social media propaganda events taking place in 2016 and 2017.  Some of that social media propaganda has been linked to the Internet Research Agency in Russia, and some to white supremacists (who we now learn might have been fake troll farm operatives).

Bottom line: social media platforms are destroying all of us and are reckless platforms sowing dangerous chaos to the entire world.

The medium is the problem, not the messages.

Source: Civil War re-enactment will relocate from Fort Stevens State Park after 27 years – Local News – The Daily Astorian

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