Culture of outrage promotes idiocy

Culture of outrage promotes idiocy

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Or as a friend points out, a culture of idiocy promotes outrage!
Face palm. A U.S. flag is flying above the flag of Norway.

In our political climate, a Norwegian flag, with its blue-and-white cross, was mistaken for a Confederate flag. Questions ensued in the Greenwood neighborhood.

Rebecca Morris is a well known author of crime novels that have been on the New York Times Bestseller list. She reported the flying of the “Confederate Flag” to the newspaper and because unlike the rest of us, she’s an important person, the paper looked into it. She is formerly a journalist for The Oregonian and The Seattle Times.
Source: ‘Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying’ in Seattle’s Greenwood area – well, not quite | The Seattle Times

  • In a world where we must continually seek opportunities to be outraged, this is what happens.
  • In a world where outrage is promoted on social media, this is what happens.
  • We are losing our ability to think for ourselves and are allowing ourselves to be controlled by social media and media propaganda.
  • It’s not the message, its the medium itself.

Update: I just read something a friend shared on FB. This suggests one intent of propaganda is that we are not to think for ourselves, but to instead pursue collectivism and collectivist thought by outsourcing our thinking to others.

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