Facebook tracks everything; I downloaded my FB dossier

I downloaded the dossier that Facebook created on me.

The dossier contains a list of all Android apps I had on my devices.

I deleted the FB app a long time ago so it is a snapshot “in time”, in my case.

Their dossier shows that Facebook has shared my contact information with hundreds of organizations, many of which I have never heard of.

The dossier includes every personal message sent and received – ever – using Facebook messaging services, plus every post or comment ever made on Facebook.

Any “event” you have marked as Interested in or attending or not attending, is stored in your dossier.

Every IP address you have ever used to log in is also recorded.

They also provide their “facial recognition” data but it is not in a form that is decipherable and it is not known exactly how this is used.

You can also see who “follows” your page, and a list of those you have unfriended over the years.

There is much more of course and there does not appear to be anyway to remove anything from the Facebook dossier.

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