Great example of how more software will not solve the “toxic” mess on social media

An Australian musician posts a Youtube video containing nothing but generic white noise – and receives five copyright infringement notices (see link below). This illustrates how solving the social media toxic propaganda platform is not an easy problem to solve – and that more software filtering is not a panacea.

Many years ago, I posted a video containing a recording of “Taps”, which had been performed by a bugler for the U.S. Army, and posted to a U.S. Army web page with a notice that the recording is in the public domain and may be used for any purposes what so ever, and no copyright was claimed. Indeed, “Taps” was composed by a Civil War era bugler and General, long before music could even be copyrighted.

I received two copyright infringement claims. That fact that two different parties each claimed copyright on this was amusing. I contested their claims and won the dispute.

Another Civil War re-enactment video I posted on Youtube was hit with a copyright claim. The only music that appears briefly in the video are drum cadences, written during the U.S. Civil War, and recorded live at the event. In this case, the video was prohibited from being viewed in Germany. I did not bother to contest this bogus copyright claim.

I had two other videos where I licensed music for the soundtrack by paying a fee to use the music. I still received copyright infringement notices from Youtube because their automated system is incapable of distinguishing between a licensed use and unlicensed use; their machine learning systems could not read the in-video caption that said the music was licensed.

These examples illustrate the fallacy that Google, Facebook and Twitter can resolve the fake news and the friction-less propaganda platform problems with more software. Sure they will catch some of the errant items but their systems will also falsely censor legitimate content, presumably a lot of legitimate content, while continuing to let bad stuff go online.

Youtube also has a serious problem where Youtube competitors “flag” their competition’s videos to get them de-monitized or put offline. Others make bogus copyright claims with the provision that Youtube can continue to play your video, but with advertising running on your video and the ad revenue going to the fake copyright claimant. There are a lot of fake copyright claimants who figured out they could game the system and generate ad revenue off of other people’s content – from people who were not violating anyone’s copyright.

The systems are a mess.

Hoping that software will censor our social media for use is a fantasy, a mirage, a pipe dream – a unicorn!

Source: YouTube’s Algorithms Questionably Slapped Five Copyright Claims on a 10-hour White Noise Video |

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