We are clearly past "peak social media" now

We are clearly past "peak social media" now

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Both Twitter and Facebook have made efforts to counter nation-state backed exploitation of their platforms, but the consensus is that more can be done.
They must dynamically verify the identities of their users and filter illicit and inflammatory content,” Carbon Black’s Kellermann told TechNewsWorld.
The social networks could deploy a number of measures, he told TechNewsWorld, ranging from monitoring the IP addresses of suspect accounts to refining their analyses of the language in posts, looking for key indicators of actors who don’t speak English as their first language.
Users should have the option to flag suspected bots, so the social media companies could investigate and weed out bad actors, said Sherban Naum, senior vice president for corporate strategy and technology at Bromium.

Source: Russians Pose as Americans to Steal Data on Social Media | Social Networking | TechNewsWorld

  • All users must be registered and certified, just like China!
  • People who are not native speakers of English will be flagged as suspect. Wow. What could go wrong with that?
  • Users should have the option to flag suspected bots, like you know, anyone posting stuff you disagree with?

Social media was a concept introduced in the early part of the 21st century but which quickly fell apart under assault by propagandists and hate groups, eventually fading to a footnote in history.

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