I no longer believe #Facebook is safe for anyone to use #DeleteFacebook

I no longer believe #Facebook is safe for anyone to use #DeleteFacebook

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I no longer believe Facebook is safe for anyone to be using.

  • First, read about the unexpected data collection that Facebook performs to generate their “model” of you and your behavior.
  • If there is no reason for you to retain Facebook, I recommend deleting your Facebook account.
  • Deleting a Facebook account may not practical.  For example, I have two Facebook Pages that are associated with 5 technical books that I have written. It would be awkward to delete those pages and lose links to the few thousand followers of those pages.
  • If you need to retain Facebook, then remove as much personal data as possible. Note, however, that once you have given Facebook information in the past, they retain that information forever. Minimize or stop making personal posts and comments. Even reading posts on Facebook provides them with data they incorporate in to their model of your behavior. Yes, Facebook interprets data from the posts you did not share, like or comment upon – ignoring and not liking a post – but having seen it in your news feed – is data collected by Facebook.
  • Delete all Facebook apps from devices. This is not hard to do and you can still access FB with a browser, when it is convenient to do so. You do not need their apps on your devices and their frequent status updates.
  • Remove yourself from Groups, Unlike Pages, and turn off Notifications. The purpose of Group and Page Likes is for Facebook to record your interests and behaviors, and to sell that to third parties for the purpose of propagandizing you. Because Facebook’s news feed is highly filtered to present only the items that Facebook thinks we want to see, very few of the posts made in Groups or at Liked Pages are ever seen by you. In other words, joining a Group or Liking a page (especially) has minimal value to you – because you will almost never see the content there unless you visit the page directly.
  • Notifications are merely a way to bug you about status updates that, as I have found, I rarely looked at.
  • Reminder: Facebook is designed using psychological tricks to get us to turn over as much personal information to Facebook as possible. This data is used by Facebook algorithms to generate a “model” of our interests, behaviors, mental and physical health, family income and wealth, and a network of our friends. Facebook has created similar models of our friends interests and behaviors. Facebook incorporates our friends’ model conclusions into what they think they know about us as well.

Facebook is likely the most dangerous, privacy invading invention in human history. Furthermore, Facebook’s data collection is used specifically to craft highly optimized propaganda campaigns for mind control and population manipulation.
Facebook is unsafe for anyone to be using.

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