Acxiom share price falls by 19% after #Facebook #DeletesAcxiom #DeleteFacebook

Acxiom share price falls by 19% after #Facebook #DeletesAcxiom #DeleteFacebook

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Acxiom is one of half a dozen third party data aggregators that sold offline surveillance data to Facebook.
Facebook combined the offline data with Facebook’s tracking of your online web activities across the Internet, and Facebook’s machine-based evaluation of your group memberships, post likes, and the text of the posts and comments you had made online.
Facebook just announced it is discontinuing use of third party data aggregators and Acxiom’s stock has fallen by almost 19% today or down 30% since its high a couple of weeks ago. That suggests FB was a major customer of Acxiom and likely buying extremely large quantities of detailed data about individuals from Acxiom.
Facebook wipe out takes down another company as Acxiom stock falls 19% for the day, down 30% on 2 weeks:

What type of data do companies like Acxiom provide to buyers of that data? EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU.
They have electronic copies of your pay stubs, records of what you bought in retail stores – and not just that you bought “pants” but even what size pants you bought. They know how much you earn, your wealth, your credit situation – in fact, they hold everything except your medical records as they are protected by Federal law. However, they may discern aspects about your health: Bought a diet book? Did your pants size change over time? You must be gaining weight.
More on third party data aggregators in a future post. This is another part of the story that the media is ignoring while they continue to focus on Cambridge Analytica. CA has  political intrigue but it is no longer the important story. Facebook’s massive surveillance operation and what it means to you personally is the real story.
Update: From Facebook’s own page

Facebook has partnered with Acxiom, Epsilon, Experian Marketing Services, Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix), and Quantium to activate Partner Categories in specific markets. These third-party partners collect and model data from a variety of sources, like public records, loyalty card programs, surveys and independent data providers.
With Partner Categories you can target people based on offline behaviors people take outside of Facebook, such as owning a home, being in the market for a new truck or being a loyal purchaser of a specific brand or product.


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