Poll says Americans do not care about privacy #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

Poll says Americans do not care about privacy #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

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  • ** 86 percent said they have not changed their login credentials on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms.*

  • * 78 percent have not switched to “private mode” on their browser.

  • ** 96 percent have not turned to more secure, encrypted apps like Signal and WhatsApp.TAPE IT UP

  • About 17 percent of adults, or about 1 in 6, said they protect their identity by placing tape over the camera on their computer or device.

Source: Poll: Are Americans taking steps to protect their data after Facebook scandal?
Tomorrow, the U.S. State Department will announce that all visitors to the United States must turn over their social media identifiers to the U.S. government before being allowed to enter the United States. This includes all recent social media history, current and phone numbers *and* email addresses used during the previous 5 years.

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