3 models for saving social media? #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

3 models for saving social media? #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

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Interesting ideas for fixing social media from the link, below.

  • Run a social media platform as a collective, where users profit from the operation and have a vote in how it operates versus putting Zuckerberg in charge of everything, and profiting off of your content.
  • Create a “social federation” of independent nodes that can exchange with each other or into an “umbrella network”, if desired. Basically, a decentralization of the sharing problem back to individuals.
  • Make data and connections in the social network automatically expire over periods of time. And include a “clean” feature to delete all (or as much as you want) content for good, plus clean out unused apps, identify friends you’ve not heard from and mark for unfriending, and so on.

Source: Can social media be saved?

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