Default #Snapchat permissions are not safe for you #Android #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

Yesterday I installed Android Snapchat on my phone. By default SnapChat wanted access to my Contacts list, Phone and SMS – in other words, all my call records.

SUGGESTION – Install apps and before opening the app, go to Settings | Apps | and select the app you just installed. Find Permissions on the app’s attributes. Click on that, and then uncheck any Permissions that seem suspect. Then and only then, run the app for the first time.

SnapChat runs fine with most permissions turned off. Since I do not plan to use video features, I kept the microphone turned off.

If the app tries to do something that requires one of these permissions, it will ask you to enable the permission. You can then decide whether you want to give it that permission.

Note – the Snapchat app tries to get you to sign up by giving them your phone number. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER WHEN YOU DO NOT NEED TO.

In fact, you can sign up with just an email address. I used my new alternate email address to create my account. Their verification message was then sent to that email address.

Snapchat runs fine other than nagging about wanting me to enter a phone number. The phone number is what enables them to troll your data and link you to other databases.

SUGGESTION – go through all of our existing apps today. Delete apps you are no longer using or very seldom use. Review the permissions on remaining apps and unless you see a compelling reason for the permission, turn it off. Half of the apps on my phone were requesting Location permission but most had no need for that information. Many are requesting Phone, SMS and Contacts with no obvious reason they need that data. A reasonable guess is that half of all Android apps are collecting data from us.

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