#Facebook VP who said its okay to kill people or support terrorists as long as it grows FB #DeleteFacebook #Ethics #Privacy

Since he knows all about us, here is the VP that thought killing people is fine if it helps grow Facebook – Andrew Bosworth. He was promoted after writing this memo.

Source: Facebook VP’s memo suggests relentless growth is good, even if it gives a platform to terrorists or bullies | VentureBeat

He’s now backpedaling and saying he didn’t mean what he actually wrote. Nothing anyone at Facebook says turns out to be what they mean, like Zuckerberg promising in 2009 that users control their data and Facebook would never sell it to other people, or Zuckerberg promising 8 years ago to make it easy to set privacy settings. Zuckerberg didn’t mean that either? And promises to now fix privacy mean, what, exactly?

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