Some tips to avoid being tracked

Some tips to avoid being tracked

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This from a Qatar newspaper

  • Signing into an online account gives services a sure-fire way of tracking you. Facebook won’t work at all without an account; Google merely works better with one. And you’ll generally need an account with any service that charges you, although sometimes you can sign in with your Facebook or Google ID instead.
  • Combating this: Resist creating an account or signing whenever you can – such as when you’re merely browsing rather than buying. Avoid using Facebook or Google IDs whenever possible, as those companies could then track you. You can also use a different email address for each account to frustrate efforts to connect you across services, although it can be a major pain.

Source: How you’re tracked online & what you can do about it – The Peninsula Qatar
My recommendation – if you use social media, ALWAYS create the account using a secondary email address that you use only for social media. The email address, which is usually required, and a phone number (usually optional but often difficult to know that, plus they pester you for your phone number frequently) are the key identifiers used to link your on and offline activities into their spy database.

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