Use Social Book Manager plug in to automatically mass delete #Facebook posts!!!! #DeleteFacebook

Social Book Manager is a Chrome browser extension/plug in that enables you to select Facebook post by year or content, and then delete them all at once. This is the bulk delete feature that Facebook never provided because Facebook does not want you to delete anything.

In Chrome, go to Settings | More tools … | Extensions and search for Social Book Manager, then add it to Chrome.

Log in to Facebook and go to your Activity time line page (Click on your user name, then find the View Activity Log time line option on that page).

Click on the icon that appears in the upper right of the address bar, for the Social Book Manager. Here, select what year (or year/Month) or something to search for in the log. Then follow the prompts to delete everything.

It may miss some posts and you may need to run it more than once – but it really does delete everything unlikes your old likes too. Remember, the Likes are the key that Facebook uses to create your pyschographic profile because we reveal ourselves through our Like selections, without even realizing it.

Also note that some items will not be deleted from your Activity such as status updates that you became friends with someone; you may optionally set those to Hidden from time line, manually.

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