Who else is using #Facebook psychographic profiles to judge people? #DeleteFacebook #CambridgeAnalytica

Who else is using #Facebook psychographic profiles to judge people? #DeleteFacebook #CambridgeAnalytica

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We have no idea, but if Cambridge Analytica could do this, you can be 100% certain the CIA and the NSA scraped the entire Facebook database.
You can also be certain that employers – via third parties – can access your pyschographic profile, insurers can gain access, in fact, anyone who wants to find out more about you – and possibly use that data against you – likely has access via assorted data mining firms.

Facebook has faced a backlash. There is a campaign to delete Facebook profiles. But it’s not just about your votes or Facebook—the Cambridge Analytica scandal can trigger a mass flight from internet, causing a bust in e-commerce market which is expected to replace a big part of the brick-and-mortar retail in less than a decade.

True. I and others I know have been deleting apps from devices and moving to tools like the Epic Privacy Browser or Firefox with add ons that remove trackers.

The fact that Cambridge Analytica used the data it collected for the election campaign of Ted Cruz also for the presidential campaign of Donald Trump shows your psychographic profile can be put to multiple uses and land with various interested parties.

Also true.
Source: Facebook data breach: Cambridge Analytica scam fallout: Can #DeleteFacebook lead to #DeleteEcommerce? – The Economic Times

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