#Facebook targeted emotionally vulnerable youth for advertising

Facebook … conducted research about exploiting posts by kids as young as 14 to show how its algorithms could help advertisers pinpoint emotionally vulnerable moments for the purpose of targeted ads.

Source: Facebook able to target emotionally vulnerable teens for ads | CSO Online

Facebook research showed how to identify young people who felt “worthless”, “stupid”, “anxious” and so on, based on their Facebook usage, and researched how this could be used to target them for advertising.

Facebook does not deny doing psychological profiling – but denies using it for advertising. Even though the research was published in a marketing document, by Facebook, to get a bank to buy Facebook services.

Once again, Facebook and its employees act in an evil manner and lie about it. The only way an organization gets so many employees to participate in the lies is by operating as a cult, using mind control techniques and propaganda.

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