Roku, Smart TV set top boxes spy on you #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

Roku, Smart TV set top boxes spy on you #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

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Per the Roku privacy policy (typical of all modern smart TVs and set-top-boxes as well – essentially all TV viewing systems now are spying on you):

  • Roku logs most everything including your social networking accounts and other login information you use to login to channels, such as Youtube and associates this your name, telephone number, address and general billing data.
  • Roku, like Facebook, also combines their collected data with third party off line spy databases. This collection goes in both directions – Roku may share what it collects with third parties and third parties may share their spy data with Roku.
  • Roku says it may collect what other web sites you visit before visiting the Roku web site. Roku also works with third party ad networks to track you across the Internet.
  • Roku collects your search history (when using the Roku TV box), records and saves your speech if you use voice input, the search results, the ads you have viewed, including “use of automatic content recognition technology”, list of all channels you have added and the time and duration of use of each channel.
  • For Roku-branded channels, they collect even more data.
  • If you view local videos or photo files using the Roku Media Player, Roku collects the name, size and type of file viewed.
  • For TVs that have Roku built in, Roku collects information about what you are watching using over-the-air TV antennas. There is an option in the user interface to turn off this tracking – however, the Roku streaming services will continue to track you.
  • The data is collected for a wide variety of uses, including marketing new products to you, and for general advertising purposes. Like Facebook and Twitter, they track all this data and try to get inside your head to understand your interests.
  • You can reset the Ad ID used to track you, from within the Roku user interface.
  • On each Roku device you can request “Limited Ad Tracking”
  • In addition, each “channel” that you use collects its own data about you.

Modern television is a two-way surveillance system that is spying on you every time you use the device.

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