Instagram closes off app software developers without warning #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

Instagram closes off app software developers without warning #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

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Did the the Instagram APIs (program interfaces) have a data leak, sort of like Facebook?
Without warning, Instagram cut apps from making 5,000 calls to Instagram per hour to 200 calls per user per hour, effectively shutting down many third party apps that access Instagram data. Instagram has not told software developers anything about this – but their apps have stopped working.

This weekend it surprised developers with a massive reduction in how much data they can pull from the Instagram API, shrinking the API limit from 5,000 to 200 calls per user per hour. Apps that help people figure out if their followers follow them back or interact with them, analyze their audiences or find relevant hashtags are now quickly running into their API limits, leading to broken functionality and pissed off users.

Source: Instagram suddenly chokes off developers as Facebook chases privacy | TechCrunch
Facebook, which owns Instagram, has infuriated its user community, caused morale problems for its staff, and now angers the software development community (and the uses whose apps are not working). This does not seem like an approach to running a successful business.

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