#Facebook’s massive propaganda platform exposed, could lead to totalitarianism #DeleteFacebook

Perhaps a bit of hyperbole but perhaps not:

For the sake of a Procter and Gamble being able to save money on selling soap powder, we have created the means for monitoring and controlling the behaviors of billions of people and laying them open to political and ideological manipulations.

Selling ideas uses the same data as selling shoes. Consumerism enables the technologies of totalitarianism. My fear is that we could paint ourselves into a very unpleasant corner — a N. Korea, but with far more powerful systems for oppression and suppression of dissent.

Source: Facebook fallout: Big Brands’ adversarial ad strategies exposed | ZDNet

Feeling relieved to now see everyone pointing out that Facebook’s propaganda platform is dangerous and reckless. This, obviously, has been an underlying theme of this blog since 2014.

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