#Facebook blames its user community for having their personal information shared globally: it’s all your fault #DeleteFacebook

Specifically, FB says if you didn’t find the secret privacy option to disable “Apps Others Use” hidden in the “Ads” section of Facebook settings, then it is your fault that FB shared your data.

Facebook Inc. said a tool that let people share their friends’ data with developers was in compliance with a 2011 privacy agreement with the Federal Trade Commission.

Source: Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Says Data-Sharing Tool Complied With FTC – Bloomberg

Facebook deliberately hid and obfuscated its user interface to prevent people from selecting appropriate privacy options, and now blames the consumers for not finding the hidden options. It is only a slight paraphrase of Mark Zuckerberg’s comment about Facebook users when he called all of them “Dumb Fucks“.

Sandberg is saying exactly the same thing as Zuckerberg, only with wording that is marginally more polite.

Their statements say much about what Facebook thinks of you.


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