#Facebook Pages are basically dead #deletefacebook

Facebook “Pages” provide content to those who “Like” or “Follow” your page on Facebook. Facebook’s filtering algorithm has mostly discontinued showing Page updates to your readers. Facebook Pages are dead.

Actual Numbers

I had 4 Pages, with the smallest one having 100 followers and the largest having 2,000 followers.  Each post on the 2,000 follower page is seen by 12% of followers. Each post I wrote on a 400+ follower page was seen by 1-2% of followers.

So why bother to keep Facebook Pages?

I just deleted 2 of the 4 and may deleted a third.

Pages have often been used to increase the readership of blog-like web sites by sharing blog content with the Facebook Page. This capability is essentially dead now. Facebook has long de-ranked posts made by automatic tools. The “blog feed” is dead.

Page content is no longer of use for announcements or posting of analysis and stories. Instead, you need to post items, by hand, that “start a conversation”. Only by having comments, likes and shares will such posts occasionally be shown in news feeds.

Is there any value to Facebook Pages now?

The only value is to provide a landing spot for people who search Facebook for information related to your topic. That can translate in to “Follows” on your Page. But unless those are translated into regular visits to your non-FB web site, the value is not high since your “new followers” will see very few future updates from you.

Consequently, the only value for having a Page is if you intend to spend time interacting with people. If interaction is not the goal, then Facebook Pages no longer make sense.

Source: Is This the Death of Organic Reach for Facebook Pages?

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