The absurdity of #Facebook use cases #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

The absurdity of #Facebook use cases #Facebook #DeleteFacebook

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For instance, if Facebook could determine that an elderly patient doesn’t have many nearby close friends or much community support, the health system might decide to send over a nurse to check in after a major surgery.

The scenario described is absurd-hospitals have social workers that just ask patients about this. No machine learning, privacy invading, fuzzy logic, imprecise, artificially stupid Facebook analysis is required.
I worked in high tech for many years. These types of scenarios are invented out of thin air to justify products, features and lobbying positions. And most of these scenarios, like this one, are just silly when placed in context. Unfortunately, many in tech will hear these silly scenarios, get excited, nod their head in agreement and say, “Let’s do it!”, never bothering to ask, “What could go wrong?”

  • Did you suspect Facebook was compiling a massive psychographic profile and data base of your interests?
  • Did you suspect Facebook was looking in to how to add hypotheses about your physical and mental health to their database?
  • Do you still trust Facebook? (Answering Yes could be interpreted by our fancy algorithms as a sign of mental illness, so be careful with your answer!)

Source: Facebook Building 8 explored data sharing agreement with hospitals

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