Pyschographic profiles do not work #Facebook #Twitter #DeleteFacebook

Previously, I noted Facebook’s algorithms concluded I am Liberal.

I recently downloaded Twitter’s assessment of me and Twitter concluded I am Conservativeand I am a supporter of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party, and I like to watch the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting).

This was news to me because I live in the United States – and do not have TV!

It is fascinating how the brilliant artificially intelligent algorithms at Facebook classified me as a Liberal while those at Twitter classified me as a Conservative supporter of a liberal prime minister in another country.

Contradictory and both incorrect.

Keep this in mind when – after each new problem of social media is discovered, Mark Zuckerberg shouts “More AI will solve this!

AI will not solve most of the problems that Zuckerberg claims it will solve. He shouts this claim frequently because the reality is, he has no idea how to solve these problems and retain his present business model (surveillance and propaganda operations).

Empirically (the word of the day), Facebook’s AI does not work.

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