#Facebook to build huge data center next to #NSA data center in Utah

Source: No surprise: Facebook to build data center in Eagle Mountain | Deseret News

The “most profitable social media company on the planet” will receive $150 million in tax breaks, just to start (with more after that – as in a total of $750 million dollars over 40 years because Facebook could not run their business without subsidies.)

From Google Maps, NSA Utah Data Center, at upper right. Facebook data center will be located on the south side of Eagle Mountain, UT, outlined in red line, at the bottom of this map.

The largest social media global surveillance company will operate its data center just down the road from the massive data center operated by the largest signals gathering intelligence operation in the government.

News: Journalists fall for false meme: why?

The long time thesis of this blog is that social media is a frictionless platform for the spread of propaganda. In the “good old days”, propaganda required owning a printing press or broadcast license. Today, anyone can become a propagandist by posting an appropriate meme on social media and watch it shared thousands or millions of times.

Journalists frequently use their personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (but especially Twitter) to share items of interest to themselves. Due to the immediacy of tweeting and sharing, and the lack of fact checking, professional journalists routinely share items that are shown not to be true.

In the past few days, numerous journalists posted photos related to immigration into the United States and the detention of children – in most cases, implying or stating a conclusion about immigrant children. The photos included 2 children lying on the floor inside a cage, and another said to be “a prison bus just for babies”. They allege that these are contemporary photos of situations created by the current U.S. Administration.

The photos, however, were from a 2014 AZCentral.com news story, and from 2016, taken during the tenure of the prior Administration.

Here are two of the example tweets shared recently.

Antonio Arellano is a journalist with KTRK, ABC 13 television in Houston TX. He posted this Tweet, which was not true; the Tweet appears to have since been deleted.

This is a school bus for children built in early 2016 – the photo used in the tweet is from the contractor’s own page describing the bus:

The expansion created new demands to an already unique transportation mission by requiring larger capacity vehicles to provide offsite field trips. These field trips are part of the contract with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Field trips are provided to all children, ages four through seventeen enrolled in educational programs provided by the John H. Wood Charter School, located at KCRC. Field trips consist of going to a variety of places, such as the San Antonio Zoo, seeing a movie at the local theater, going to the park, etc.

Per Wikipedia, Ana Navarro is a “political commentator for various news outlets, including CNN, CNN en Español,[3] ABC News, Telemundo,[4] and The View.”  She shared the above Tweet:

The above bus photo and another of children lying on a floor behind a chain link fence were widely shared by journalists, even editors of publications, politicians, Hollywood connected stars and producers and many others.

In an interesting twist, we turn to Russia Today to learn details of these photos and the famous people, including the editor of NYT Magazine, who were all sharing these photos:

Journalists, Obama’s former speechwriter and other public figures all quietly deleted their misplaced horror at images of caged migrant children in the US when they found out the picture was taken under President Obama.

Source: ‘Caged migrant children’ go viral… until picture turns out taken under Obama, not Trump — RT US News

UPDATE: June 15, 2018

There’s yet another photo of a “caged boy” going around on social media; it is also false and the professional journalist acknowledges that he got the photo from a friend’s Facebook post. The photo was, in fact, taken at a protest when the child and his brother got on the opposite side of a fence, from their mother, and the youngest one broke out in tears:

The tweet showcasing the photo was posted by Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist and filmmaker, and it doesn’t say where the photo was taken–whether at a protest or inside a facility. Vargas’s tweet otherwise says: “This is what happens when a government believes people are ‘illegal.’ Kids in cages.”

Vargas further said, in a tweet responding to his photo tweet, that he’d pulled the image from a friend’s Facebook page and hadn’t determined its precise origin.

At the end of these stories all we have learned is that journalists lose objectivity when not corralled by editorial staff and management. They tweet and share what they presumably want to be true, rather than that which is actually true. Their actions destroy the credibility of journalism and journalists.

Was this propaganda campaign by journalists successful? Even though the error has since been pointed out, and many have deleted their original posts, in propaganda messaging, the first message that is received – even if subsequently show to be false – is the one that sticks with the target.

DISCLAIMER – comments here are about the use of social media for propaganda campaigns and neither support nor oppose any particular immigration measures or specific politicians.

Another social media meme turned into imaginary news story

“I don’t like the phone because my [parents] are on their phone every day … I hate my mom’s phone and I wish she never had one,” one student wrote in a photo posted to Beason’s Facebook page that has since been turned to private.

The post was shared more than 261,000 times — parents expressed guilt, and fellow teachers echoed similar conversations they’ve had in their classrooms.

Source: kgw.com | I wish my mom’s phone wasn’t invented, 2nd grader writes in school project

KGW is a competitor of local station KATU, which does this too (see the following post).

Why is this even considered news? A social media post about an idiot store clerk?

This is a news story about … a social media post … describing an idiot store clerk.

GRESHAM, Ore. (KATU) – A Gresham woman’s post about a grocery store clerk’s behavior is going viral this week.

Source: Cashier shames woman for WIC card usage in grocery store: ‘They keep getting handouts’ | KATU

In other news today, Tommy yelled at Susie on the playground this afternoon, and their friends posted photos on social media!

The purpose of this “news” is to emotionally hook the viewers (and readers).

Last week, KATU published a 100% untrue news story, later corrected.

The media keeps shooting itself in the head but complains that people do not want to pay for fake, useless trivia and gossip stories. The media does not seem to get it, at all.

Heh: #Facebook dating algorithm to find the perfect match for your carefully curated online persona – The Beaverton

SILICON VALLEY – Taking a break from helping the Russian government tamper with American elections, Facebook has pivoted into the dating sphere, utilizing their infamous data collection to facilitate romance. The new date-matching service promises to outperform popular apps such as Tinder by carefully analyzing the idealized self-portrait that users present and matching them with […]

Source: Facebook dating algorithm to find the perfect match for your carefully curated online persona – The Beaverton

Satire, if you need to be told.

#Facebook accused of conducting mass surveillance through its apps

Company gathered data from texts and photos of users and their friends, court case claims

Source: Facebook accused of conducting mass surveillance through its apps | Technology | The Guardian

There is much more on these allegations here saying that Facebook executives, up to Zuckerberg, intentionally set up schemes to grab as much user data – including from their unsuspecting friends – as possible. This included reading the texts sent by friends, and accessing photos on your phone that were never uploaded to Facebook. Which is a massive invasion of privacy.

The lawsuit says Facebook intentionally leaked large quantities of personal data as an enticement to application developers, but once those apps became successful, FB then assessed large fees or required the purchase of FB ads. If the app developer did not or could not comply, FB destroyed the app developers’ businesses.

More importantly, the allegations in the lawsuit indicate that Facebook was well aware of the abuse of user data as far back as 2011, but encouraged it to continue.

If true, Facebook needs to be under investigation by law enforcement authorities.

The sole business of Facebook is global surveillance for the purpose of selling access to a global propaganda platform.

Wow – #Amazon devices record audio inside your home and send to random contacts #privacy #spying

Amazon has voiced activated Smart Home products that enable you to order items, control lights and so on, by voice. A woman in Portland found private conversations inside their home were recorded by the Amazon devices – and forwarded to someone in Seattle. Amazon has confirmed the behavior and has apologized.

The 21st century is turning out to be the century of global, 24 x 7 surveillance and the loss of all privacy.

Woman says her Amazon devices recorded privacy conversations, sent to random contact

Social media platforms all became swamps of propaganda

So glad I spotted all this propaganda focused crap on social media long before everyone else noticed:

Those services included infiltrating target audiences with elaborately crafted social-media personas and spreading misleading information through websites meant to mimic news portals, according to interviews and PSY Group documents seen by Bloomberg News.

Source: Mueller Asked About Money Flows to Israeli Social-Media Firm, Source Says – Bloomberg

Social media is a global surveillance and propaganda platform.

100% Fake News: “Hillsboro is building its own Wi-Fi network | KATU”


The largest planned residential development in Oregon history is now under construction in Hillsboro, and the city has an enticement for people to move there: Wi-Fi.The city is building its own Wi-Fi network separate from the cable giants.

Source: Hillsboro is building its own Wi-Fi network | KATU

Update: See the original screen shots of the KATU fake news story, below. They have since rewritten their original fake news story (same URL as before) to correctly report on the fiber network. They have not, however, noted the correction on their web site that the entire prior report was false. However, the story continues to have the original fake news headline as its URL: http://katu.com/news/local/hillsboro-is-building-its-own-wi-fi-network

I have learned that much news is written by reporters that do not understand what they are reporting, take quotes out of context, report largely as variations on celebrity gossip (who said what to whom), cover most topics as if they were horse races (think political campaigns), and frequently report on items that are 100% unimportant. Think of people getting crappy service in a small restaurant in another state – and soon it is national news. Their primary purpose is to sell eyeballs to advertisers and selecting topics, no matter how unimportant is fine, especially if it gets the viewer emotionally riled up.

Hillsboro is planning to build its own residential fiber network offering speeds up to 1 Gbps. This has nothing to do with Wi-Fi. KATU has created a 100% fake news story. Their reporting never once mentions that it is a fiber network and repeatedly calls it a Wi-Fi network.

Here is the official City of Hillsboro press release – its fiber, not Wi-Fi.

They mention Wi-Fi once, noting that the new fiber network might create a future opportunity to expand Wi-Fi connectivity. But they are building a fiber network, not a Wi-Fi network.