News: One of these things does not go with the other

News: One of these things does not go with the other

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One thing:

The Centers for Disease Control is reporting an outbreak of norovirus on a Holland America cruise ship in Alaska. Some 73 people reported falling ill on the Zaandam which is carrying more than 2,000 passengers and crew.

Source: Holland America cruise in Alaska hit by norovirus
And the other thing – CDC Official Statement:

The CDC Vessel Sanitation Program is monitoring the outbreak and the ship’s response procedures. Specimens have been collected and tested onboard using a norovirus rapid test; results were negative for norovirus. The specimens will be sent to CDC for additional testing.

Elsewhere, a cruise ship blogger accurately reports the situation as known at this time.
Perhaps it will yet be determined as norovirus but the reporting is currently ahead of the facts. Other illnesses can cause similar symptoms.
What has happened to journalism? Journalists can not get even the simplest bit of a story reported accurately.

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